Зургуудын зураг Kilmacduagh monastery

Kilmacduagh Monastery by phikapphil

Supposedly St. Colman founded this monastery when his girdle fell off in the middle of nowhere. The tower actually leans about 2.5 feet to one side. I think Piza is safe for now though. Some of the buildings sate back to the 7th century. We had fun exploring until a starling scared the crap out of us. We took it as an omen to get out and fast.
Kilmacduagh monastery нь Gort дахь Abbeys , Ireland дахь аялал жуулчлалын нэг юм . Энэ нь байрладаг: 393 км -аас Cork, 540 км -аас Dublin, 780 км -аас Belfast. Read further
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