Зургуудын зураг Cañada de la Virgen

Cañada de la Virgen San Miguel de Allende by anamaldonadob209

For this picture I had difficulty setting up my information in the camera. My shutter speed of 1/4000 was set to that number because my ISO was helping out with the light needed. I also set my aperture to f/5.0 in order to get EVERYTHING in focus. I love how the "Cañada" looks. The puffy clouds up in the sky over a blue background and a very colorful grass. For landscapes like this, I wanted to make sure I could capture the most are possible. So this is why I stood at the very back of the whole cañada. EDITED USING LIGHTROOM
Cañada de la Virgen нь Cañada de la Virgen дахь Mesoamerican sites , Mexico дахь аялал жуулчлалын нэг юм . Энэ нь байрладаг: 720 км -аас Ecatepec de Morelos, 740 км -аас Mexico City, 780 км -аас Iztaoalaoa. Read further
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