Зургуудын зураг Sârbi Susani church

Budești Wooden Church. by young shanahan

"The wooden church at Budești Josani was dated by an inscription on the portal from 1643. Unfortunately the inscription was lost during the enlargement of the entrance in 1923. The inscription was verified dendrochronologically and the log structure was firmly dated from the winter 1642-43, i.e. the moment the timbers were felled. This church appears to have been built by the same master carpenter who built the wooden churches at Slătioara (before 1639) and Sârbi Susani (1639)." (from Wikipedia) Maramureș - Romania
Sârbi Susani church (Română: Biserica de lemn din Sârbi Susani) нь Sârbi дахь Churches , Romania дахь аялал жуулчлалын нэг юм . Энэ нь байрладаг: 338 км -аас Cluj-Napoca, 700 км -аас Lviv, 850 км -аас Iaşi. Read further
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